"To create a more just, humane and peaceful world, humanity must own our past, present and future. Owning it will move us from pity to compassion, from stagnation to progress, and from being thermometers to being thermostats. It is especially critical that we engage youth in cultivating a thermostat mentality. Let us constantly remind and demonstrate to them that, with service, a spirit of love, sacrifice and a strategy for change, which I believe should be rooted in Nonviolence365 ™️ (my father, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, nonviolent philosophy and methodology), they can be thermostats. They can set the atmosphere, raise the standard and, as this Summit educates and empowers them to do, Be The Change they want to see to positively shift inhumane systems and social ills in our global community, beginning in their local communities, with attention to their own personal growth.“